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Al Sabaa Movers and Packers has been an integral member of the International Association of Movers (IAM) in the UAE. More than just a trade organisation, IAM functions as a governing body for removals and logistics companies and also vouches for customer accountability. When you choose an IAM accredited mover and packer, be assured of reliable and quality services.

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At Al Sabaa, we have been helping both emiratis and expats move within and out of the UAE for more than 16 years.

As the most experienced and reliable movers & packers in Dubai, we offer a comprehensive range of services for all types of relocation including local, international, residential and corporate shifting.

Every move is planned as a two-tier process and they are specified as Origin services and Destination services.

Origin Services

Whether local or long distance, the most important part of any relocation is the preparatory stage. During this phase, the team of experts at AL SABAA will provide practical and efficient solutions to help you prepare for a trouble-free move.

Pre-move Assessment & Estimat

One of the expert consultants from AL SABAA will meet with you to assess your requirements. Our consultants will work closely with you to evaluate and categorize your belongings, with special attention given to electronic gadgets, jewellery, antiques, and all other fragile items.

The weight and volume of the items to be shipped will be accurately determined. Our final estimate will take into account factors like your destination, mode of shipment, special packing material, etc.

Note to pet lovers: If your pets need to be relocated, we can assist you there as well! We’ll help you make the necessary arrangements to relocate your furry companions without fuss.


During a relocation, the right packing can make all the difference between success and disaster. We at AL SABAA understand this, which is why we use only the most superior-quality packing and crating materials for your belongings. These ensure that your precious items like crockery, figurines, paintings, and glassware arrive at your destination intact.

Our consultant will coordinate with you to set the dates of the relocation as per your requirements, while keeping in mind the volume estimated and time required for shipment. Following this, our expert packing crew will arrive early on the scheduled day and will carry out the designated tasks with military precision, including wrapping, taping, and boxing with minimum disruption to your routine.

AL SABAA places packing codes on items and cartons. These codes help our crew to effortlessly identify the exact placement of your belongings at your new destination, and makes the process of unpacking smoother and easier. After packing, all boxes and crates are carefully tagged for identification and recorded in a packing list that acts as your receipt.

Our crew will then do a complete clean-up of the leftover packing material and debris. Once you have ascertained that everything is in order, you can begin the process of disconnection.

Destination Services

Al Sabaa Movers operates through a carefully selected network of relocation partners. After choosing the partner best-placed to serve your individual requirements, we will coordinate with and advise them on the particulars of your move.

Prior to the arrival of your goods, you will be contacted by an AL SABAA representative to check for any further needs or instructions. During this time, you can mutually discuss and set a convenient delivery date.

Moving In

The moving crew arrives at your new home, and the placement of your goods within designated rooms is achieved quickly and efficiently as per your instructions.

If some of your furniture was dismantled at the origin to optimize space, these will be re-assembled as well. All the packing material and assorted debris will be cleared. Your new home is now ready for your personal touch.

Whether your move is local or to a location overseas, AL SABAA Movers is the right choice for all your relocation needs. Our tailor-made services, expert and courteous staff, reliable performance, cutting-edge technology, and affordable pricing combine to make your relocation experience safe, secure, and tension-free. Our expertise has helped thousands of happy customers to enjoy a hassle-free relocation, and focus on the things that really matter. When you have new opportunities ahead of you, why stress over it? Choose only the best packers and movers in Dubai, and turn your relocation experience into a positive one.

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